Andrei Deiu athlete training, diet and supplementation plan

Andrei Deiu is a promising 20 year old Romanian athlete in the Men's Physique category.

It is 1.81m tall and weighs about 75kg in competition.

Train every day, although on Thursday you only do training cardio and some abdominal exercises.

That is, your program is not easy and has a lot of volume.

As for your diet and supplementation, you'll find it below after the training plan.

If you don't know any exercise, just click on its name.


Monday - Chest and shoulders

andrei deiu mens physique training plan


Tuesday - Back and abs


Wednesday - Shoulders


Thursday - Cardio and sit-ups

andrei deiu diet mens physique


Friday - Quadriceps and Twins


Saturday - Arms and sit-ups


Sunday - Hamstrings and twins

training plan andrei deiu



This athlete's diet consists of six meals a day, with very nutritious and quality food.

andrei deiu diet



Finally, here is the list of supplements used by Andrei Deiu.


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