weight loss tips

4 tips to lose weight (effectively)

A list of tips to lose weight and help you achieve your goal successfully

Do you want to lose fat, but it's not going too well?

Or have you already lost some weight, but now you always seem to be the same?

Follow these four simple tips to be able to lose weight effectively.

Don't go on “diets”, change habits

Instead of focusing on a specific diet, focus on changing your eating habits.

Usually the word diet is associated with a specific and rigorous diet plan.

A plan followed for a certain time to achieve an objective, and that as soon as it is reached ... it ends!

The result of this is simple, you will go back to where you were before starting this "diet".


Because you're going to eat the same thing you did when you had that extra fat.

When you return to your old routine, you also slowly return to your old body.

The blame is not on the diet that made you regain everything you lost, the blame is on your eating habits that have not changed, and by doing what you did, you will return where you were.

If you want to lose weight, opt for a gradual adaptation to a new diet.

He chooses to cut one or the other food.

Reduces quantities of food instead of skipping a diet without rules for an extreme 1000kcal diet.

The secret is to learn how to make better food choices in the long run and not to follow crazy diets for 2 or 3 weeks.

weight loss tips

Losing fat isn't just cardio

Weight training will help to maintain and even increase your muscle mass.

If the objective is something like skin and bone, you can skip this point.

If your goal is an aesthetic and healthy body, it is mandatory to include weight training in your training routine.

More muscle mass não só te vai dar um melhor aspecto, vai ajudar-te também a queimar mais gordura já que, ao aumentares a tua massa magra o teu gasto calórico diário aumenta.

Use loads for 8-10 repetitions, stimulate the muscle instead of entering the world of physiotherapy and its 20 repetitions per set.

“To define, you must do 15-20 repetitions per exercise!”

We have heard this, you have heard this, everyone has heard this.

You do NOT need to do 20 reps to get defined muscles, the BIG secret to defined muscles is called body fat and the lower it is, the greater muscle definition you will have!

This does not mean that training with higher repetitions is necessarily bad, but training that is based ONLY on high repetitions. are not the most effective.

A good workout does not compensate for a bad diet

Ok, you have a good workout, weight training and cardio, you go to the gym regularly but you also go to the fridge regularly to get that cake.

Also, you will regularly eat that delicious chocolate croissant in the middle of the morning.

After all, you go to the gym and the gym burns it all up!

Or is it not?

It doesn't make much sense to work at the gym and then undo all that effort with poor food choices.

A cake every now and then?

No problem.

Two cakes a day every day?

It will be complicated.

Think of it this way, if you want to lose weight and are constantly making poor food choices, you are only harming yourself.

It is frustrating to go to the gym regularly and have no results.

If you can't follow your current diet, switch to something less aggressive.

Do you love Mcdonalds and can't do without your beautiful big mac?

Make a weekly cheat meal.

Are you constantly hungry?

Use more satiating foods, drink more water, review your diet.

Above all, don't forget, a good workout doesn't make up for a bad diet!

weight loss tips

Do not eliminate fat from the diet

You have been told to eliminate fat from the diet to lose fat.

There are theories and approaches that greatly limit this macronutrient.

The problem is, eliminating it completely will be more harmful than beneficial.

When you eat fats you are not exactly offering new cm's to your belly that insists on not disappearing.

Fat is essential to keep your hormonal system functioning properly, while also optimizing fat burning.

Eliminate fat from your diet and prepare yourself for example for low testosterone levels and, if you don't know what that means, here are some of the gifts:

  • Low energy
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of libido
  • Depression

And much more.

To help you lose fat, we advise you to also read our article What to eat to lose fat.

If you have any questions, use the comment area below.

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