abdominal exercises

14 Abs Exercises

14 exercises to work your abs

You want to work your abs but you don't know that Exercises to do?

No problem.

Here you have 14 exercises to work your zone abdominal the best way.

Material Needed?


We have chosen 14 abdominal exercises that you can do anywhere and anywhere.

Whether at home, in the gym or in the nearest park, you no longer have an excuse for not working on your abs.

Click on the exercise name below to access the demonstrative image of the exercise in question.


Classic Abs

Supported Inclined Abdominal

Abdominal Jack Knife

Lateral Abdominal

Alternate Lateral Abdominal

Abdominal Modawalk


Partial Leg Lifting

FS shrinkage

Leg Extension


Lift Board

Leg Rotation

Lateral Rotation

If you are looking for exercises to work other areas of the body besides the abs, you will find on here.

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