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Scitec 100% Whey Professional - Review

THE 100% Whey Professional is a Scitec Nutrition whey protein supplement widely used by gymnasts.

Let's take data from this protein and do an in-depth analysis of this product.

The 100% Whey Professional supplement is available at 3 sizes, a small one of 920 grams, a medium one with 2350 grams and the largest one contains 5000 grams, that is, 5kg.

In addition to the diversity of sizes, there is an even greater variety when it comes to flavors, with the classic strawberry, chocolate or vanilla being present, but also some more alternatives, such as caramel or vanilla / blackberry.


As for ingredients, they vary from flavor to flavor, but basically consist of the following:

(Information taken from the official website of the brand, we used the strawberry flavor)

The ingredients are listed in order of concentration in the product, that is, the main ingredient is Whey Concentrate and, Whey Isolate although it is in the formula, it is in a residual dose.

In addition, they contain normal sweeteners and dyes in whey flavored supplements.

Looking at the ingredients, is it a good formula?

Not really.

scitec whey professional protein

Nutritional value

The nutritional values found on the brand's website are as follows:

30g 100g
Protein 22g 73.3g
Carbohydrates 2.1g 7g
Fat 1.7g 5.67g


For each serving we have 22g of protein, and the protein concentration in this supplement is 73.3% as we can confirm in the amount per 100 grams.
This Whey from Scitec uses doses of 30g, that is, each scoop provides 30g of supplement.

A concentration of 73% in a whey protein concentrated by itself is nothing special, this being the second lowest rating of supplements reviewed so far, earning only Elite Whey from Dymatize.

As for the values of carbohydrates and fats, is within the values of what we normally find in concentrated whey protein supplements.

Now the problem is, these 73.3% of protein are not pure whey protein.

THE Scitec Whey Professional includes a so-called “Matrix of Amino Acids” that contain Taurine, L-Glutamine and L-Leucine.
The amount present per 100 grams of product is 3.3g in the case of Taurine, 0.70g in the case of L-Glutamine and 0.33g in the case of L-Leucine.

In the case of L-Glutamine and L-Leucine, these amino acids can be embedded in the aminogram, this is not the case for Taurine.

Taurine is a non-essential amino acid and only serves to increase the protein content of the protein in a “false” way, and it adds 3.3g of protein value to the nutritional table that are not from the whey protein, that is, those 73.3g are actually 70g of concentrated whey protein and 3.3g of taurine.

As for the case of L-Glutamine and L-Leucine, the values are so low that there is little to be said about them.

Finally, digestive enzymes are always a good addition and this formula contains Bromelain and Papain, which is positive.


Now, as always, we will also analyze the aminogram of this supplement and see in more detail the quality of this product.

aminogram scitec whey professional

The table shows the amount of amino acids present in percentage per 100g of protein, containing 10.6% of Leucine, 6.4% of Isoleucine and 5.9% of Valine, totaling a value of 22.9% of BCAA's per 100g of protein.

We separated these values by real values, that is, we calculated the value of BCAA's for each 100g of product and not for each 100g of protein.

We also calculated the value of BCAA's for each dose, which gives us the values that really matter.

In addition, we will put these values in perspective with two other proteins already analyzed here, the ON Gold Standard and the Myprotein Impact Whey.

We chose Gold Standard because it ranks relatively in the same category as this Scitec product in terms of price. and Impact Whey because it is probably the best concentrated Whey supplement with the best price / quality ratio on the market.

Scitec Whey On Gold Standard Impact Whey MP
Total Protein 73.3g 81g 82g
BCAA's / dose 4.8 / 30g 5.5 / 29.4g 4.7 / 25g
BCAA's / 100g 16.03g 18.7g 18.7g


Simply put, Scitec's whey is the worst of the three.

They have the lowest concentration of protein (73.3%) and BCAA's (16.03%) in comparison.

As expected, neither with the addition of L-Leucine does this protein stand out in the amount of BCAA's nor does the addition of taurine manage to mask the low protein content of this supplement.

We can say that the Scitec 100% Whey Professional it is a mediocre whey protein supplement.

scitec whey professional


We have already seen that the ingredients of Scitec Nutrition's 100% Whey Professional are not the best and we have also confirmed this in the nutritional values, which leaves something to be desired, leaving only the question of price to be able to classify this product correctly.

Below is a table with an analysis of the average price found in the market.

920g 2350g 5000g
Doses 30 78 166 doses
Cost Per Serving € 0.76 € 0.67 € 0.59
Total cost € 22.99 € 52.99 € 98.99


Again, simply and directly, the price is bad.

To put prices in perspective, we decided to put all protein supplements analyzed so far face to face.

In order not to make the comparison too confusing, we will use the average version of each product, the 2 kg.


Scitec Whey 


Dymatize Elite 2268g Myprotein Impact W2500g Myprotein Impact I2500g ON Gold Standard 2273g Prozis Whey C2000g

Prozis Prime


Doses 78 68 100 100 77 66 80
Cost Per Serving € 0.67 € 0.61 € 0.31 € 0.48 € 0.75 € 0.47 € 0.38
Total cost € 52.99 € 42.00 € 30.89 € 48.89 € 58.00 € 30.99 € 29.99


Scitec's Whey Professional is the second most expensive product on the list, with only Whey from Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard, it is more expensive.

It can still be more expensive than an exclusively isolated whey protein supplement, Impact Whey Isolate, this is the best whey ever analyzed here in terms of quality.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.


THE 100% Whey Professional by Scitec Nutrition is not the worst whey protein supplement we've ever analyzed, Prozis Whey Primehowever, it leaves something to be desired in terms of quality.

In addition, as if that were not enough, the price of this supplement is high, especially considering its quality.

It is difficult to recommend this product when there are so many better and cheaper alternatives.

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5 thoughts on “Scitec 100% Whey Professional – Análise”

  1. Thanks for the analysis, according to what I read on other sites the matrix of amino acids is not included in the 23g of protein per scoop.

  2. Filtered comments, I was following this site closely, it seems that everything I read here must be questioned and analyzed impartially (something that this site apparently does not do)


      Hello tiago.

      Comments are not filtered but moderated for obvious reasons.
      Yours took some time to be accepted, as well as others, for a simple reason: vacation.

      As for the values you speak of, the ones we used in the analysis are those made available by Scitec on its page.

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