The best exercises for your workout

A list of the best exercises you can use in your gym training

There are hundreds of exercises you can use in your training gymnasium.

However, they are not all the same, even if they work the same muscle group.

There are some more effective than others.

Since you are going to the gym, why not take advantage of the exercises that will give you better results, instead of wasting time with inefficient exercises?

The best bodybuilding exercises

In the midst of so many exercises, there are some that are simply the best.

These are the exercises that will work your muscles in the most complete and effective way.

These are the exercises that will give you most of your results.

What exercises are these?

These are the best exercises to work out your body in the gym.

If you did just these exercises, with a good diet and progression, you would undoubtedly gain a lot muscle mass, if that was your goal.

You would keep much of your lean mass in case you want to lose fat.

However, it is a list of the best gym exercises, not the best exercises for each muscle.

It is helpful to know which exercises are best for each muscle group.

So if any muscle group does not follow the rest, you know how to solve the situation.

best gym exercises

The best exercises by muscle

Now that you know what the best bodybuilding exercises are, what are the best exercises for each muscle?

What exercises should you bet more on if your back is not developing as you wanted?

The best exercises by muscle group.

These can be considered the best bodybuilding exercises for each of the muscle groups.

They are not mandatory because there are no mandatory exercises.

But they are close to that.

It is the exercises that will bring you the best possible results for the muscle in question.

If you train one muscle a day, these are the first exercises you should do in your workout.

They are the ones that you should worry more about evolving, because as you evolve in these exercises, you will also evolve in the mirror. And significantly.

Now that you know the best gym exercises, and the best exercises for each muscle group, let's go to the third part.

Depending on the type of training you use, you can use one to two exercises per muscle, or many more.

So besides these, what other exercises can you include in your workout?

best gym exercises

The second best exercises

You already know which ones are the best, now you'll get to know the second best.

These exercises are also extremely effective, and some of them, almost equivalent to those on the first list.

They are useful for putting more volume into your workout, working more specifically on a certain muscle area, and above all getting results.

The second best exercises by muscle group.

These are also great exercises to include in your workout.

Some of them are very equivalent to those on the first list, while others are more specific, and serve to give more attention to a specific area.

Above all, these are exercises used to complement those on the main list.

These exercises combined with those on the first list easily form a complete and effective workout.

best gym exercises

Final Notes

So, only these exercises are useful and everything else is useless? Do not.

There are obviously more good quality exercises that you can include in your workout.

However, these should be the basis of your plan to achieve the best results.

If you notice, the best exercises you can do in the gym are not machines, but free weight.

This is because free weight training is superior, however, it does not mean that you should completely exclude machines.

In certain situations they can be helpful, and also bring results.

Finally, exercises such as squats and dead weights are extremely complex, and the first priority should be to master your technique, not increase the load.

The better you master the exercise technique, the better you will be able to draw from each.

Just as there are jobs that pay more, and others that pay less, there are also exercises that bring more results, and others less.

Use them.

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