Pyramid training

What is pyramid training?

Pyramid training is when you increase the weight of the exercise and decrease repetitions.


Pyramid training

Flat supine 

1st series x 15 repetitions

2nd series x 12 repetitions

3rd series x 8 repetitions

4 series x 6 repetitions

Or 4 series x 20-15-10-8

Following this scheme, you started with a lighter weight in the first grade, because you would perform more repetitions.

As you advanced in the series, you would decrease the repetitions (15 -> 12 -> 8 -> 6) and increase the weight (example: 60kg ->70kg -> 80kg -> 90kg -> 100kg), since performing fewer repetitions per series would allow you to do so.

This is an example of an exercise using the pyramid training method.

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