Giant Set

What is a Giant Set?

Like superseries and trisets, giant sets are based on exercises done in a way that is done without rest.

In this case, the only difference for superseries and triseries, is that in giant sets are made 4 or more exercises in a way.


Giant Set

Supine Plan – 4 series x 8 repetitions

Openings – 4 sets x 8 repetitions

Backgrounds – 4 series x 8 repetitions

Push-ups – 4 series x 8 repetitions

You start with 8 repetitions of supine, pass immediately to the openings and perform 8 repetitions, then do 8 repetitions of funds and finish with 8 repetitions of push-ups.

All this is done followed, without rest between each exercise, resting only at the end of the push-ups.

This is an example of a giant set.

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