Low-calorie Diet

A low-calorie diet is a diet where you consume fewer calories than your body uses.

That is, if your body burns 2500Kcal and eats only 2000Kcal, you are following a hypocaloric regimen.

What a low-calorie diet is for you may not be for your colleague next door.

It is important to know the calories you use daily, since person A can spend 2000Kcal daily and person B 3000Kcal daily, a diet of 2500Kcal will be hypercaloric to person A and hypocaloric person B.

Low-calorie diets are used to lose fat/weight.

Hypercaloric Diet

A hypercaloric diet is the opposite of a low-calorie diet, meaning you'll consume more calories than your body uses.

If your body burns 2500Kcal daily and consumes 3000Kcal, you are following a hypercaloric approach.

The same example of low-calorie feeding can be applied here, individual A spends 2000Kcal per day and individual B spends 3000Kcal per day on a 2500Kcal diet, individual A will be following a hypercaloric regimen and individual B spends a hypocaloric regimen.

Hypercaloric diets are used to gain muscle mass/weight.

To calculate an average of the calories your body uses daily, use this formula.

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