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How to have (a lot) energy for training

No energy for training? you are in the right place

To get good results in the gym, you need to train regularly, and to train regularly, you need to have the energy to do it.

If you're in the middle of a set and you start yawning, or if you don't even make it to the end of your workout because you're tired, something is wrong.

It is (very) important to have the energy to be able not only to train, but to train well.

Find out all the tricks to have (a lot) of energy for your training.


Why do you train?

If after a minute you can't answer this question, here's your main problem.

To have the energy to go training, you need to have a good reason to do it.

Whether it's impressing a female audience, feeling better about yourself or competing, there are no right answers, no wrong answers.

What matters is having a goal in mind that motivates you to train.

If you don't have any goals to train with, it's going to be difficult for you to go smiling and energetic into the gym, whatever your trick.

energy for training
Hour training


Of course, you need a good pre-workout meal for maximum energy.

But not only.

If your daily life is made up of cookies and sandwiches, it's not a good meal before training that will save you.

The energy you spend on training is not just that from the meal before training, but from your daily diet, so you need a good diet.

Furthermore, high calorie diets will always provide more energy than low calorie diets, so it is perfectly normal for you to experience a drop in energy when you are drying out.

Of course, if your goal is to lose weight, you will have to follow a low-calorie diet obligatorily, but if you plan it well, the decrease in energy will be little accentuated.

Here's what you should eat before and after training.


A good night's rest is essential for energy.

If you don't rest enough, your training will suffer from it.

If you only sleep 4 hours a night, you will have less energy not only for training, but for everything.

Try to sleep an average of 8 hours daily.

Not only is the time you sleep important, but it's also important to have days off, especially if your plan is very intense.


Music can be a good weapon to give you energy in training.

Prepare a playlist of music you like, preferably energetic music, put the headphones in your ears and turn the music on loud. Remember your goal.

Try electronic music, rock or hip-hop, according to your taste, and leave kizomba and Adele for later.

energy for training

Coffee or Pre-Workout

You have a good diet, a good reason to train and you even slept well, but you are tired.

You worked late, or you're going to train early, and you open the gym door yawning.

Or maybe you're energetic, but it's breast day and you want to be at your best.

Try drinking coffee before training to give you that extra push.

If coffee no longer works for you, or if you don't like it, try a pre-workout supplement.

Sometimes a good pre-workout supplement can have a big impact on the quality of your workout, and drive you to higher intensity levels.

Training partner

There are two types of training partners: the good and the bad.

The bad guys will hurt your training, usually with too much talk and too little training.

The good ones will push you and help you to have a better workout.

What kind of training partner is yours?


Not only is it important to be well hydrated for energy, it's essential to maintain it during your workout.

Take a bottle of water and drink it slowly between sets.

The amount of water depends on the duration and intensity of your workout, but as a general rule, it's a good idea to drink at least half a liter.

what to eat before training for energy


To have a lot of energy to train, you need to have a good workout planned.

Not having any workouts planned is a mistake, and doing 50 intense sets every day is also a mistake.

Make a good training plan and follow it.

Pay attention to your rest days and training volume, so that you can not only train with energy this week, but also the next ones.

Results of

Finally, results.

Once you start seeing (good) results, and receiving feedback regarding your progress, your question will not be how to have the energy to train, but when the next training is.

The best way to have energy to go training is to have good results, and the best way to have good results is to have good training!

If you're not doing well in the gym, take a look at this article.

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