Hour training

Hour training

At the time of training, there are few who really train.

Training isn't just about showing up at the gym, doing half a dozen exercises and taking a smoothie at the end.

Training has to be carried out Really, whether your goals are to be the next Mr Olympia, the next cover of men's health or simply losing your belly too much.

Here are some suggestions for your training.


Put a good playlist, with songs that you like and pull by you.

We all have those songs that make us more determined than ever, make this a weapon in the gym.

Headphones in your ears and focus on training as much as possible.

Bonus: It also ends up working many times as a repellent for those who go to the gym just to socialize.

Pre-Workout Supplement

If it is often time to train and the desire is little or no, consider it a pre workout, preferably one with stimulants, as these are the ones that will leave you energetic and focused for the next training session.

If you train at night, it may be better to put aside stimulants as there are those who have difficulty falling asleep after using them.

If you don’t want to spend money on a pre-workout supplement, you might as well use one or two coffees about 20 minutes before training.

THE caffeine it's an excellent pre-workout!

Sets objectives

There is nothing better than achieving goals, and in the gym is no exception.

It sets short, medium and long-term goals.

Point them out on paper, on your cell phone, on your computer.

When you are training, remember what you have already achieved and what you want to achieve, not only the final goal but also those extra 5kg on the bench press.


Short term - 10kg more on the squat bar.

Mid-term - Gain 4 kg of body weight.

Long term – Reach the 8% of fat body weight with 80kg.

External Motivations

When nothing works, you're in the gym and the music bores you, caffeine doesn't do much anymore and you feel tired, look around. If you see someone training motivated, use this source of energy as inspiration.

Use that mouth that you heard in the afternoon and turn that negative energy into fuel for your training.

Remember that ex-girlfriend who left you for someone in better physical condition (or for some other reason) and channels that energy to make not only the load you have on the bar but also increase that same load.

Many people train better when they are angry / angry than when they are without problems.


Once again the outside world.

If in your gym the atmosphere is just a lot of conversation and little training, do not let yourself get into that same spirit.

Of course, it’s nice at the end of a working day to relax and talk about the most diverse topics, but don’t forget what you really went to the gym to do, TRAIN.

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