Several articles on gym training, the best exercises to use, types of training, workout plans and more.

The most important rule in the gym

The number one rule for getting results in the gym There are a lot of factors at play to get good results in the gym. In food you have the type of diet that…

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What is the right diet and training for me?

Is there an ideal workout and diet for each person? Of all the doubts, this is number one. Should I follow a low carbohydrate diet or a diet…

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The exercises that can not miss in your gym training

The best gym exercises for your training There are better jobs, there are worse jobs, better cars and worse cars, supplements too. Obviously, the exercises you can do ...

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How to prepare for this summer

Muscle definition… still this summer If gym membership increases in January, when the sun starts to show signs of life the gyms fill up. It's the summer effect and…

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How many sets and repetitions should I do?

Series and repetitions in the gym, how many do I have to have good results? The number of sets and repetitions is a fundamental part of any training plan, although it is often left ...

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How to gain muscle (not fat) this winter

How to gain muscle mass, lean mass, not fat this winter The cold comes and the famous bulk phases begin, in which you try to gain maximum muscle mass ...

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How fast should I do the exercises?

How fast should I do the exercises, an important issue that will be resolved in this article After we discuss the time you should rest between each set in this article, let's…

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How long should I rest between sets?

Too much time between sets to recover? Short rests? What is the ideal rest time between sets? The rest time between sets is an important topic, and although it is consensual ...

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